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“A healthier way to close escrow.”


The hallmark of a successful escrow transaction encompasses not only the insights into the needs of our Buyers, Sellers, and Real Estate Professionals but also the foresights and anticipations an escrow transaction demands. At Green Apple Escrow, our reputations hinges on the success our client entrust us with.

What is an Escrow?

If you are selling your home, why should you trust buyers to pay you? Or if you’re a buyer, why should you trust sellers to deliver their home as promised? For as long as buying and selling exist, buyers and sellers naturally don’t trust each other. And why should they especially when a home is one of the most significant assets for any buyers and sellers today?

This is where escrow comes in: In a Real Estate transaction, escrow holds buyers’ money to pay sellers; simultaneously, escrow ensures that sellers grant their home title to the paid buyer. When an escrow transaction closes (escrow closes), buyers gets the home, and sellers get paid.

Green Apple Escrow is here to protect our buyers and sellers, assert transactional integrity, and establish a climate of trust for buyers and sellers to do business.

Who We Are

Green Apple Escrow is first and foremost a resource for our clients. Our expansive professional networks and business affiliates allow us to serve our clients regardless of where they are, who they are, or how they want to structure their escrow transaction. Our escrow officers and staff is a reflection of our clientele both within the United States and internationally.

At Green Apple Escrow, our Mission is our commitment to our Buyers, Sellers, and Real Estate Professionals by providing critical understanding and expert knowledge that are vital through every escrow steps and objectives for our clients.

Our innovative and integrative escrow process ensures our clients that an escrow with Green Apple harness the vitality of a stress-free, healthier environment— in an evermore transformative and challenging world.