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As a premier escrow company, Green Apple Escrow is here to help our buyers, sellers, and refinancing home owners consummate their Real Estate aspirations– regardless of their buying or selling circumstances:

Interdisciplinary & Accomplished Escrow Officers:

Our escrow officers and their supporting staffs came from affiliated industries prior to calling Green Apple Escrow their home. The real estate experience, mortgage know-how, and business perspectives they bring on board help our respective clients in immeasurable ways. Their expansive experiences articulate credibility and authority when it comes to helping our clients escrow transactions.

Integration, Anticipation, and Innovation:

When it comes to Green Apple’s escrow, we seamlessly Integrate and develop effective solutions to any escrow transactional issues within our system for an Anticipated desired escrow outcome. This is a hallmark of an escrow with Green Apple: Innovated to close.

We Serve Our Clients Needs:

The platforms we build our escrow model is solely to serve our clients’ needs for their escrow transactional requirements from a technical, personal, to structural standpoints.  Our multifaceted organization and unwavering commitment to our clients’ success supplanted our position as a forefront and most trusted escrow company

Standard Listing Homes and Purchases:

Whether you’re a home buyer, a home seller, or an investor, Green Apple Escrow is here for you. For our home buyers and sellers, we understand the anxieties that come with any real estate process: a mountain of paperwork and confusing processes.

While Real Estate Professionals and Mortgage Banks work to satisfy the real estate contract transaction, we labor to make sure every conditions stated in the contract are mutually recognized, deposits are secured, mortgage underwriting conditions are met, and most importantly we your close escrow on time!

Short Sales & In Foreclosures:

“A house is made of bolt and beams; a home is built with hope and dreams.” It’s never easy for any home owners in a situation when the bank is repossessing their home because of financial hardships. That being said, there is always a second chance to rebuild and reemerge.

Whether you’re a seller looking for a new start or a buyer interested in a short sale, Green Apple Escrow is here to help. Short Sales/ In-foreclosure homes are complicated and drawn out process because the bank is the primary seller: it determines both final purchase price and purchasing terms. To make matters more complicated, current home owner might owe money multiple banks and lenders. Now we have a multiple situations requiring selling approval from all parties in considerations.

Our diverse escrow officers and supporting staffs were once Realtors, Loan Officers, and Short Sales Negotiators, Green Apple Escrow underst ands and empathizes the difficult situation our sellers face and the complex processes involve delivering Short Sales homes to our buyers.

Probates & Trust Sales:

Like any other non-standard Real Estate transfer where the primary seller isn’t an actual owner determine selling price and contract purchasing conditions. The actual owner is deceased in both Real Estate’s Probate and Trust Sales.

Whether you’re buyers interested in Probate/ Trust Sales properties or a court-appointed person authorizes to sell Probates and Trust Sales homes, Green Apple Escrow fully understand and recognize the intricacies required to close escrow: Court Proceedings, Debt Settlements, and inheritance’s asset distributions.

If you’re a potential buyer for either Probate/ Trust Sales, Green Apple Escrow is here to ensure your purchase transaction is care-free. If you’re an Administrator or an Executor (designated person handling Probate/ Trust Sales), we are here to help you streamline and complete your entrusted duty.

Real Estate Owned (Bank Owned)/HUD Owned/ Fannie Mae’s Home Path Properties:

Bank-Owned (or Real Estate Owned) properties are homes already foreclosed and are now possessed by the banks. Banks are not Real Estate companies as they are in the money market. If you’re a buyer purchasing bank-owned properties or a Real Estate Professional listing bank-owned properties—regardless of whether it’s Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase, HUD, or Fannie Mae, Green Apple Escrow is here guide your transaction and reconcile your real estate needs.

One of the most crucial facets regarding bank-owned purchase transaction is the complete grasp of procedural and operational tempo that banks operate in. Unlike a standard listing where home owners are the primary sellers, banks as the primary sellers are divisional and inflexible: They have strict very specific selling guidelines for their repossessed real estate inventories with often more than one departments handling a single real estate transaction.

Green Apple Escrow’s uncompromised experiences and vast insights into bank-owned’s real estate transactions put our apprehensive buyers at ease, and provide our Real Estate professionals marketing a piece of mind.

Refinancing Home Owners:

Whether you are a home owner, a mortgage broker, or a mortgage lender, Green Apple Escrow is committed to your financial undertakings. Green Apple Escrow appreciates the facts that:

Refinance will often take months to close in an up-interest market. If interest rates are going up, home owners cannot lock their respective interest rate to close. We persevere with our home owners and lenders until their refinances go through.

Most importantly, interest rate’s lockings for refinancings are often 15-days or 30-days locking period. We are mindful of the severe consequences of not closing escrow within the interest rate locking period. We know the operational procedure and environments lenders operate in. We will help you close your refinance on time!

Green Apple Escrow is cognizant of the fact that many home owners naturally are not familiar with current mortgage regulations and disclosures, and how these rules and regulations affect the debit/credit itemize cost on the Good Faith Estimates, Estimated HUDs, or the Final HUD closing statements. These itemized Debit/ Credit costs shown on these closing statements do change over time depending on the closing dates. Even after escrow closes, Green Apple Escrow is always there to address any concerns and disquieting anxieties our clients might have about their closing statements.