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Open Escrow (Refinance)

Thinking about refinancing today, especially when interest rates are historically low? Or refinance before the Feds starts raising the interest rate? Let Green Apple Escrow handles your refinance transaction. We know how different lenders operate and what it takes to complete your refinance transaction.

Unlike buying and selling real estate, home owners who refinance their homes lack the support from real estate professionals. They are on their own. An escrow with Green Apple, we not only walk you through the escrow process with your refinance, but we also work help you facilitating the underwriting conditions required from your lenders. We make sure that the golden hours after interest rates are locked, your refinancing transaction will have been closed: funding payoff demands are on point, tax liens are settled, and recordings are noted.

Open Escrow (Purchase)

Opening an escrow with Green Apple is as easy as filling in the forms below. Our secured and encrypted web server provides all the necessary privacy protections whether you’re home sellers, home buyers, real estate professionals, investors, or simply a seller.