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Green Apple Escrow provides a wide spectrum of services that specifically tailored toward our clients’ every needs, requirements, and demand. We are obliged and profoundly grateful for the support our clients entrust us through the years. Your supports enable Green Apple Escrow to provide an evermore expansive and unique servicing spectrum to our clients.

Home Sellers

One of the most important aspects of home seller’s escrow is the proficiency and efficiency dealing seller’s publicly recorded debts. Publicly recorded debts are liens recorded against seller’s property title. Often times these are existing mortgages sellers owe, or they are tax liens, court’s judgments, or mechanic liens.

Without settling these liens, sellers cannot sell their homes to potential buyers. Within the strict confines of a finance-purchase transaction with a 30, 35, or 45 days to close escrow for both buyers and sellers, settling these liens is extremely important in a timely manner. A real estate transaction in escrow can and will fall out if existing liens aren’t cleared in a timely manner, with sellers losing their home’s marketability and buyers lose thousands of dollars without getting a home.

At Green Apple Escrow, we have a 3-tier systems ensuring these liens are cleared and settled in a fast and efficient manner for a timely closing.

Tier 1: We thoroughly check all existing public records, title reports, credit indications—as well as seller’s disclosures, for recorded liens.

Tier 2: It is very common for lien holders to miss the payoff demands when existing mortgage are sold to a different entities. To further complicate the matter, many lenders do not their mortgage after it is closed. To prevent such occurrences, we identify and compose a list of all existing liens and contact each and every individual lien holders to verify amount owes and make sure every payoff notice demands are received.

Tier 3: Before escrow’s set to closed, we direct Title Company to pay off the lien holders on the beneficiary statement. Once the liens are paid off, we make sure a reconveyance deed is recorded and posted.

Home Buyers

The majority of today’s buyers financed their home purchase from either traditional lending institutions, various government sponsored enterprises, or private hard-money entities. When there are so many different financing options available, today’s buyers need an escrow with expertise and the knowledge to handle different lenders’ specific requirements for funding, recording, and closing.

Specifically, it is utmost vital to get escrow, title, recordings, and other estimated costs promptly out to the lenders. With appraisal, loan, and other contingencies strictly enforces within the Residential Purchase Contract, helping and closely working with our buyer’s mortgage lenders in any way possible pave the way for a smoother—stress-free, home buying experience.

With Green Apple Escrow—regardless of the different mortgage lenders our buyers utilize: from conventional mortgages to jumbo loans, FHA, VA, or USDA loans, we are here to help our buyers becoming homeowners.

Real Estate Professionals: Listing & Selling Agents

Whether you’re a brand new or an experienced real estate professional, opening an escrow with Green Apple is the best choice you can make not only for your professional endeavor, but also for your buyers and sellers. At Green Apple escrow, we know that “loans-docs” is good, “funding” is accomplishment, and “closing” is…magical!

Often times, the very thing that holds up escrow’s completion for listing agents, sellers, selling agents, and their buyers are external demanding conditions. For example, many cities require their own city inspections and compliance reports prior to any property’s title transfer. Often times, these city inspections and compliance reports can take up to 2-3 weeks, and will hold up closing. In a worst case scenario, escrow can potentially fall out with buyer’s interest rate locking expire before escrow closes.

With over 30 years in escrow combine with 20-plus years in real estate experience among our escrow officers and staffs, we are here to not only close their escrow, but also fill in the gaps for our real estate professionals. Green Apple Escrow is here to make sure an escrow with us– is an escrow meant to be closed, stress-free for our clients.

Real Estate Investors & Developers

Whether you’re a long term investors looking to build equity, short term investors setting for a margin, real estate developer planning on a safe and clean escrow, or looking to sell a home yourself, let Green Apple Escrow handles your escrow transaction. We know what it takes to protect your assets, looking after your investments, and giving you a piece of mind.

For Sale By Owners

One of the most challenging for sellers who sells their homes by themselves is the unfamiliarity with rules and regulations regarding real estate transfer. If selling real estate is simple, there wouldn’t be a need for real estate professionals.

But if you are a determined home owners looking to sell your own home, look no further. We can still help you. Our escrow officers have the experience, the network service affiliates, and the expertise necessary to handle and uphold the fidelity of your escrow transaction and process to completion, even if it’s just seller selling directly to buyers.

Business Transfers

Are you a business owner who’s looking to sell your own business? Or a buyer who’s looking to purchase a business? Open an escrow with Green Apple. As a neutral third party, Green Apple Escrow ensures that buyer’s purchasing assets is protected in our trust fund accounts and seller’s title is safely preserved for a clean business transfer.